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Basic Information


Founded with a Portal for EPIC Games' Employees


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Company Overview

Pixel Perfect Decor came about after working with EPIC Games for over a decade. AlphaGraphics Cary, our parent company, handled their printing needs such as business cards and letterhead since the EPIC Games started.

Over the years we grew our partnership with large canvas, acrylic, and poster prints for EPIC Games Headquarters and Studios globally. During COVID we developed an ordering portal just so EPIC Games employees could order art work of their game characters and landscapes just as we had done for their Headquarters, but for their home offices.

It was from there we decided to develop a way for gamers to decorate their own gamer spaces, whether from game art we've licenced or their own art.

Game character and scene design is an art. And our experience with EPIC Games employees told us that gamers like to decorate.

Pixel Perfect Decor was born. We actively seek game licences to develop art from the scenes, characters and "worlds" created by the developers. We also seek unique gamer products and furniture that a gamer might seek to level up their game space. And finally we seek artists that have a knack for gamer art and Manga


To establish Pixel Perfect Decor as the premier provider of art, furniture and other decor for gamers.


Custom printed canvas, acrylics, posters, vinyls of game art, and gamer-identified art, as well as specific furniture and lighting to enhance gamers' spaces.


Eric Webb • info@pixelperfectdecor.com